About me

Before qualifying as a therapist, I worked for an international disability charity and ran IT projects in the arts sector. IT was all good and the money was nice, but I was more interested in people problems than failing data backups.

Jason Dean Human Givens therapist

I’ve experienced my own fair share of self-doubt, procrastination and annoying habits too. I’m passionate about empowering clients to make changes in their lives, as effectively and creatively as possible.

How I work

I use the Human Givens approach to therapy. This is a modern method which draws together everything that helps people function well, whatever their background.

It helps immediately with anxiety problems such as panic attacks, anger issues, phobias and trauma.

Human Givens therapy combines the most effective aspects of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), advanced coaching techniques and change visualisation.

The results are surprisingly swift and lasting – making your therapy refreshingly good value.