Therapy for premature ejaculation

Performance anxiety isn’t sexy

Neither is over-excitement, when it keeps resulting in frustratingly-early finishes.

Every man will experience performance stress or early climax now and again. But when it happens repeatedly, it can feel embarrassing and increasingly difficult to tackle.

Premature ejaculation can spiral into severe difficulties with intimacy, shunning relationships and low self-esteem. Men often say that PE makes them feel less of a man.

Potential causes include sensual overwhelm, sensitivity to touch, relationship dynamics and our pesky genetics.

It’s estimated that 30% of men experience PE to some degree

So understanding and working with premature ejaculation became a treatment specialism in my practice. I began by compiling some information resources, which evolved into an online self-help course and supporting YouTube channel.

Lasting Longer self-help course for mobile and desktop screenshots

Find out more about my self-help course Lasting Longer: enhanced sexual skills for men.

In addition, I offer therapy for premature ejaculation and sexual confidence issues.

Whatever the underlying cause, there are effective techniques to relax into sex and rebuild your confidence. Just reach out if you’d like to find out more.